Guru Meaning In English | Definition Of Guru

Hi Friends, Today We Will Tell You About Guru Meaning In English Language. Many Times We Hear The Word Guru, If You Do Not Know ‘guru’ Meaning Then You Will Know Today With Some Examples.

Guru Meaning In English | Definition Of Guru
Guru Meaning In English | Definition Of Guru

Guru Meaning In English

Guru Is A Hindi Word. Guru’s Meaning You Can Understand A Teacher In A Way. The Way We Give A Teacher To Us, The Same In The Same Way, Earlier Sages Used To Teach Us, That Time We Used To Call Them Guru But Now We Called Them Teacher.

Guru Meaning In English With Examples

1. We Have An Appointment To Visit A Guru In Madhya Pradesh, India. (हमारे पास मध्य प्रदेश, भारत में एक गुरु से मिलने का अपॉइंटमेंट है।)

2. My Yoga Guru Mr Das Taught Me The Importance Yoga. (मेरे योग गुरु श्री दास ने मुझे योग का महत्व सिखाया।)

3. The Gardening Guru Give Me Some Tips For Growing Beautiful Trees. (बागवानी गुरु ने मुझे सुंदर पेड़ उगाने के लिए कुछ सुझाव दिए।)

4. The Motivational Guru Tell Me A Motivational Story About His Life (प्रेरक गुरु ने मुझे अपने जीवन के बारे में एक प्रेरक कहानी बताई)

5. The Yoga Guru Wrote A Yoga Book For Beginners. (योग गुरु ने शुरुआती लोगों के लिए एक योग पुस्तक लिखी।)

I Think Now You Must Have Come To Know The Meaning Of Guru, If You Want To Know The Meaning Of Any Other Hindi Word, Then Tell Us By Commenting.


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